Skin Centers

At Akademikliniken “Skin Centers” throughout Sweden, Norway and Denmark, certified aestheticians and injection specialists offer the latest advances within the field of medical-grade skincare, fillers and laser, performing more than 60,000 highly individualised treatments each year.

We specialise in bringing out glowing, healthy and youthful skin with combinations of laser and medical-degree skincare treatments, as well as profile balancing and enhancement with injectable fillers and botox.

After a careful consultation with one of our experts, we offer a large range of treatments. We perform advanced medical-degree treatments, we are experts at using different aesthetic lasers, and are certified and experienced with all forms of injections with hyaluronic fillers as well as muscle relaxants such as Botox.

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We invite you for a consultation for all your skin concerns, and look forward to offering you the latest in skin science and expertise, and achieving the best possible results. Today, subtle and refined changes are possible without surgical invention. As Akademikliniken’s Skin Center experts also collaborate closely with the in-house cosmetic surgeons, we are uniquely positioned to offer a wide range of treatment combinations and surgical referrals for optimal results.

For all treatments, Akademikliniken uses several of the leading dermatology-approved and developed brands, as well as our own in-house skincare line developed by surgeons in collaboration with world-leading dermatologists.